I’ve Got Some Questions In My Mind

We’re okay. It sucks but now we’re looking forward to IVF. The Something Big that I was feeling must have been the train rumbling toward the station.

Like I said, we’re looking forward to it – better odds and if it doesn’t work the first time well at least they’ll be able to tell us a bit more. But it’s scary too, we have a lot of questions and probably more than we’ve even thought of yet.

AF doesn’t seem to be coming just yet, which makes us think that they did screw up the timing with the last IUI. We’re not upset about it, it’s just another thing, but K’s usually on CD1 again by now so pretty sure they stuffed up.

We’ve had a pretty good weekend in the end, it wasn’t pretty yesterday but we got there. We went to see Sunshine Cleaning on Friday night and then GI Joe last night – K gets a great discount on movie tickets from being a teacher and as a result we’re spending a lot of weekends at the movies lately lol. Today she played soccer for the first time in a while (she’s goalie so it’s definitely a no-no while ttc), she played against a team with one of her students in and won so that made her very happy. I got struck down by a nasty case of Sundayitis this afternoon but I’m over it now 🙂

Our IVF consult is set for September 18. We’re out this cycle obviously and CD1 should be just after the appt so we’re not sure if that will be too soon. So we’re going to ring on Monday and make sure that we’re on the cancellation list and see if we can get an earlier date.

For those of you that have been through it, how long did you have to wait to start IVF? What kind of testing did they ask for and how long did you have to drug up in advance?

 The pamphlet we got a while ago said they use light sedation for the retrieval and sometimes if it is difficult then they use general. So the other question that we have right now, is when they say light sedation – what does that mean?

Also, I’ve been playing a game with myself for a while now where most of my post titles have come from lyrics. I try to keep them to kiwi songs that have some relevance but sometimes it’s  just a song that we listened to or sang along to that day. Sometimes it’s too hard to try, which I thought today’s would be too, but then the perfect line jumped into my head. The problem is I end up with the songs stuck in my head afterwards lol. Oh well – at least I amuse myself!


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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13 Responses to I’ve Got Some Questions In My Mind

  1. luckylittle13 says:

    We started as soon as cd1 came after the last IUI. The first prescription is just birth control and I was on it for 3 weeks before starting lupron shots. My RE had already done a saline sonogram and mock transfer, so I only had to have STD testing done. I hope they can get you in sooner or at least get you started on the BCPs.

    Light sedation still involves IV drugs. I had it when my wisdom teeth were removed. Other than that, though, I’m clueless.

    p.s. I’m all for movie escapism. Especially when it’s cold outside.

  2. AJ says:

    I was told to start BCPs the first Sunday after cd 1. I’m a baby; I’m requesting general.

  3. justine says:

    hey tui,
    i’ve fallen behind on so many blogs but just did some catching up and saw all your posts. i am so sorry to hear that you got another negative, but happy that you are feeling positive and optimistic about the next step to ivf.

    we’re thinking of you here and hope you get in soon to the doctor.

    take good care in the meantime.

  4. Next in Line says:

    Before starting BCP, I did a saline sonogram and a mock transfer. For that I took 2 ativan and a T3. The clinic suggested Advil, but after explaining I am a panicer, they approved that combo. I totally recommend. It made the whole procedure easier. I also got myself a present.

    For retrial they used conscious sedation. I was awake, but it didn’t hurt. That was no problem. I did have a panic attack before it, so they also added something to IV that made me not care. I also got myself a present for that!

    For the IVF injections get some traumeel. It works wonders. It stopped all the bruising. Also when you start stims try to reduce your schedule and responsibilities. The drugs wore me out and made me more emotional. Not a big deal, but nice to be home at the end of the day and not out running around working second jobs.

    I find pants of medical appointments extremely difficult. I also got through IVF and it was ok! The biggest thing that helped me was having a great team of doctors and nurses, an amazing wife and drugs. Don’t be scared to ask for drugs if you need them. Also have a ton of fun while you are on BCP and Lupron. You won’t have restrictions on your physical activity and your ovaries won’t be sore.

    You can totally do this and it is worth it! Email me anytime.

  5. S. says:

    it took about a month for me from the testing (trial transfer and hydrosonogram) to egg retrieval. for my ER, it was less than general, but i dont remember a thing – i was totally out (and kinda liked it that way!)

    good luck getting an earlier appointment, waiting is so frustrating.

  6. Good Luck with the IVF! Due to massive sleep deprivation, I forget how long we did the injections for but it is all in our Oct/Nov 2008 blog entries.

    Our fingers are crossed for you ladies!!

  7. thebao says:

    I’m so sorry to hear about your BFN. I hope that you get your appointment moved up! Best of luck with IVF–I am super optimistic for you ladies.

  8. A says:

    I’ve never done IVF so I don’t have any advise for you but I hope all goes well in your consult and it’s very exciting to have a plan. I wish you all the luck!

  9. Olive says:

    I’ve got a ton of hope for the next big thing!

  10. poppycat says:

    I can’t answer you questions but I plan on reading all the responses so thanks for helping educate me too! Bring on the big guns!!!

  11. Gayby Rabies says:

    Oooh, I hope you things work out so that you can start the IVF party right after your consultation. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. I’m getting so impatient for my own CD1!

  12. Geek says:

    No AF yet? Hmm…. are you sure it’s a BFN?

    Good luck with the IVF thought.

  13. mingomama says:

    I have no answers for you, but just wanted to say I’ll still be here cheering you on!

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