At Seventeen

We’re only 4DPO so really there’s not a lot happening but you’re getting an update anyway!

K is feeling much better after the IUI, thanks for all your comments and emails.

Usually after an IUI the clinic ask her to do a blood test the next day to ‘complete the picture’ and confirm that her LH is dropping and that she did in fact ovulate.

Well this month it was still surging the next day but they didn’t ask her to come back for a repeat IUI like they did once before. I think that’s because being Sunday, the same nurse was the only one there and probably scared lol. But that was all good because it was the last thing we wanted to do anyway.

The test on Monday came back and showed that it was now dropping. So while in other months the timing for the IUI has been ‘perfect’, this time seems like it may have been a bit earlier.

I know a lot of books etc say that inseminating 24 hours + before ovulation is a good thing, but I always thought that was a) for fresh sperm with a longer life expectancy and b) geographical reasons – they have further to swim than with an IUI.

Having said that we really don’t care – hell we’ve had so many ‘perfect’ ovulations/timings before that maybe this is that one thing that’s different. You know – the one that finally gets you there. Maybe it’s been too late all this time.. I dunno.

We truly feel like this is really in the hands of God/The Universe/The Fates/Whatever. We’ve done all we could. We’ve changed as much as we could. And if for some reason it doesn’t work for the timing (or whatever) well hey, we’re moving on to bigger and better.

We’ve also been eating only whole foods and lots of fresh fruit and veges for the past 4 days, nothing packaged or sugary, and I have to say I’m enjoying it. It is hard, especially at work with so many conveniences around, but I am feeling fresher for it. I like that it’s not really a diet as such, there isn’t really a limit on how much you can eat (within reason of course), but it just cuts out the nasty foods.

So far so good anyway.

17 days pregnant – wow she’s coming along quickly now! 😉


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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11 Responses to At Seventeen

  1. A. says:

    Mmm, fresh food. It’s amazing how much better S. and I both felt once we cut out a lot of the processed foods from our diet. Good for you!!

  2. strawberry says:

    Sometimes it’s the non-textbook insems that work and I hope that’s true in your case.

  3. Heidi says:

    It does always seem to be the cycles that you thought were doomed from the get go that end the happiest!!!

  4. Pufferfish says:

    Either way, you are taking care of yourselves and that’s always a good thing to do. A little change is never bad…so this could be the one!

  5. S. says:

    i love the zen attitude! 🙂

  6. boo says:

    i totally agree that it’s the cycles where nothing goes as planned that totally (unexpectedly) work. and whole foods and fresh fruits- yum!

  7. Olive says:

    I’m glad K is feeling better. I agree that for all the “perfect cycles” that fail, an imperfect one seems like it has just as good odds.

    17 days pregnant – hooray!

  8. poppycat says:

    Thank god that nurse had the sense to stop when she did! Poor K, I know just how that feels.

    Hoping that this cycle and it’s craziness turn out to be the ticket. If not, on to bigger and better is right.

    Woohoo! 17 days pg!

  9. GaybyRabies says:

    Since your perfect timing has so far yielded no results, maybe the early timing is what will work. It can’t hurt to switch things up a little bit. Good luck!

  10. Suze says:

    Good luck on this cycle… I think that the strange insems work their magic best. 🙂

  11. Good Luck with this cycle! Maybe this “non perfect” insemination/appointment is the necessary change need for your BFP! Our fingers are crossed! All 40 of them! 😉

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