Her love shines over my horizon

Thanks all for your comments and emails after my last post – it turns out I do have some luck still floating out there in the universe because I not only kept my job, but actually ended up with a much better one!

After all the stress and worry over the last several months, I am so freaking relieved but also can’t really believe that I’ve landed on my feet in quite this way. The new job is brand new, one of 3 roles they’ve introduced to try and change the way the whole organization works and we basically get to be involved in the scoping of it and build up what should be a fantastic, challenging but rewarding job from scratch.

It is pretty huge and among other things means more money (ok not heaps but better than nothing!), an office instead of sharing desks in an open plan space, and they’re paying for me to go back to university.

The only downside is that I have to share an office with the one person that has backstabbed and shit all over our whole team in this restructure process (remember my one time good friend I blogged about before). I’m pretty nervous about how that’s going to work out, I can deal with sharing the space but already everyone around the building are telling me they want to only deal with me not her so I hope she gets her shit sorted out by then. Luckily we’ll be working pretty closely with our new GM who doesn’t seem like the type to let that sort of thing slide.

One of the best parts was because these 3 new roles were filled by people in our team, it meant that the rest of our team were safe – there were enough jobs for them so they didn’t even have to interview. After all the upheaval with losing our boss, having that stress coming off was awesome!

There’s still a couple weeks of restructuring to go and I’ve still got friends in the firing line but the end is in sight. And the leaving functions are beginning so it’s going to be a pretty social few weeks coming up.

Since we started with the baby stuff I’ve really kept my work stuff pretty low profile. I took a step backwards career wise to save my sanity a couple of years ago and at that time we thought we’d have a baby within a year. K earns way more than me (used to be twice as much but I’m catching up very slowly haha) so the plan has always been that after the first few months, I’d stay home with the baby.

The longer it’s taken to get pregnant, the more bored I’ve gotten with my job and I’ve been torn between staying or looking elsewhere. I mean I didn’t want to get a new job and then two weeks later we get a positive test – thus knowing I’d only be there for another 9 months or so.

I’m a bit nervous about what this means if/when we do get pregnant – it will be hard to walk away from this job and it’s a huge opportunity that won’t come around too often.

On the other hand, ttc has taught us that there’s no guarantees and I feel like I’ve wasted so much time in a job that doesn’t challenge or stimulate me just because that elusive bfp could be just around the corner.

I feel like things are falling into place and I’m finally going to be doing something that I can be proud of, and that’s been missing for a while now so I am pretty damn excited!

The rest of it – we’ll work it out when it comes up.


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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8 Responses to Her love shines over my horizon

  1. A. says:

    HOORAY about your job! I’m so glad that it worked out better than you’d expected.

  2. S. says:

    congrats on the new job and peace of mind it has brought!

  3. Geek says:

    I get you with the moving job dilemma. I’m considering moving, but I’m only doing it if I get paid maternity leave and/or a decent pay rise. I’ve never really considered what I’m doing right now a permanent career path, it’s more just a good place to be so I can earn money to have children.
    Where I am now will give me better chances of going back on a part-time basis if the money dries up. But if I get better money elsewhere I could have longer leave before having to consider looking for work.
    I want a crystal ball that can tell me which is the better way to go job wise.

  4. Olive says:

    Wow! Congratulations on what sounds like a fabulous job. I’m so happy that everything worked out so well in that area. I agree that it’s best not to worry about ttc in relation to the new job – just enjoy your work and things will fall into place.

  5. Gayby Rabies says:

    Congratulations on the job! Maybe this is just the start of lots of good luck for you. I know what you mean about the job thing. I’m so tired of my job, but I don’t want to start something new if I’d be going on maternity leave soon.

  6. luckylittle13 says:

    Congratulations! I totally had a feeling that you would get promoted!

  7. thebao says:

    Mazel tov on not only keeping your job, but getting a raise and promotion to boot! Excellent news!

  8. poppycat says:

    Things are really falling into place for two lovely ladies in NZ. It only seems logical that a BFP is so to follow. Big congrats on the new position and the prospect of some new passion. I’m so glad things are looking up!

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