Always going forward cos we can’t find reverse..

Here’s what I’m thinking – last month the timing, the great service from the clinic, the fact that we only dealt with one of our top 2 nurses… it was a little TOO perfect. Too good to be true.

This month, however, we’re back to normal with the clinic. They didn’t contact us to let us know when to start bloods – we left a message on day 8, then again morning of day 9 (which is our usual start day) but only heard back later that day. From Nurse Bobble Head. By far our least favourite (and most bitchy) nurse. We dealt with her for a day or two then were very happy to hear from our favourite Nurse P.

Today was the scan, and yet again K had to go through the whole saga of why we’re not using trigger shots (ovulates normally), that yes the dr agrees (the word ‘perfect’ has been thrown around), and then suffering through the very sarcastic/snarky ‘well ok then but you would think after so many tries you’d be trying everything’. Rar! Normal ovulation = trigger not necessary. If we can understand that, why the hell can’t they? And I’m not going to even start on the dirty tissues on the bed…

Ok vent over..

So the scan – one 19mm on the right (yay!) and a 12mm on the left. We’re hoping ovulation holds off until Sunday – tomorrow night we’re having friends around for drinks which hopefully K can enjoy, and Saturday is her sister’s 40th.

I don’t think we’re excited about it. Really it’s just a means to an end. We’re by no means looking forward to IVF, in fact we have a few issues to work through before we get there, but in some ways we just want to get the last two IUI tries over with. If it’s not gonna happen, we’d rather get it over with.


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8 Responses to Always going forward cos we can’t find reverse..

  1. Stacey says:

    Or it just might happen…. sometimes it happens when u least expect it… you know, u always hear about “those” couples who do IVF for many years then they give up or relax and get pregant naturally…. so it may happen now, when u r the least stressed about it and when u least expect it…. we will be wishing for you… but will n olonger “send” baby dust, as ours may not be the luckiest at the moment!

  2. A. says:

    Those sound like super follies! Crossing my fingers here that you a) get to enjoy your drinks with friends and b) have a wonderfully successful month.

  3. S. says:

    sounds like you have some great follicles cookin’ away in there! i’ll keep everything crossed for you that this month does the trick and you can avoid crossing over into ivf-ville.

    enjoy your weekend, sounds like you have some fun things planned!

  4. Jen says:

    Those sound like two wonderful follies, so I hope that this is it. Hang in there, enjoy the weekend and have a drink!

  5. I completely understand the “just want to get it over with” feeling, and yet… I’m going to go ahead and HOPE for you this cycle, m’kay? Good luck.

  6. luckylittle13 says:

    I am so there too. Humpf. I just want to be done with the IUIs. I mean, I would love love for it to work and I would love love for yours to work. Good for you for sticking up for yourselves and knowing K’s body. I hope your timing works with the weekend festivities.

  7. Suze says:

    Best of luck, and all things crossable are crossed.

  8. Next in Line says:

    Lets get these iui’s done and on to something with way better odds. But, I am still hoping and crossing everything for you that one of these last shots in the dark makes it happen! That would be the best.

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