Sticks and Needles

I meant to come back sooner than this to finish the story about the AMH testing but this week I’ve been the sick one. I’ve been off work all week so far and am working from home today so thought I’d sneak in a post as well.

We are on 5DPO now, K had another LH test on Sunday morning which showed that the timing for Saturday’s IUI was indeed perfect. Thank god we got the message in time is all I can say, we would have been gutted to have missed it, or pushed one in on Sunday that would have been too late anyway.

K has had a bit of tightness around her stomach the last couple of days, other than that nothing really to report. She did go to see Mr CMM yesterday to order some more ‘erbs and he took her pulse which apparently was good and promising. He said he felt two pulses – actually he had to get his wife to check too to make sure he was reading it right – in one arm and that is good, but would be very very good to see three in one arm and two in the other. He did say it was a bit early for that though anyway, we’re not really sure what this means but I know the pulse taking thing is a big part of what they do.

We’ve been doing the stick burning each night (mugwort sticks if my googling is correct), on two points over her big toe and lower leg. It’s fun actually, it feels good to be actively doing something to help although I did get reminded the other night not to be grumpy while I’m doing it (although it wasn’t grumpy so much as sick lol).

We also cracked open the pineapple last night for the first time – luckily K actually likes the middle part – go figure!

The other interesting thing that happened at the insem was that the nurse was very excited when we talked about acupuncture.

Right at the beginning (albeit that was over 2 years ago) we got the definite impression from their website and brochures that they frowned upon alternative treatments and cautioned against using them at the same time as the clinic’s services. So I guess I keep expecting a lecture or something from them in regards to the ‘erbs and acupuncture.  While we were in the waiting room on Saturday I picked up a pamphlet they had about natural medicine and infertility which was mostly about traditional chinese medicine. It was mostly what we already know from Mr CMM but it made me feel good seeing it there in their waiting room. Then, after the IUI the nurse apologized that we didn’t have time to get acupuncture before the insem. When we said we were just going after instead she was quite relieved and told us that she’d been on a course last year all about acupuncture and what a help it can be for infertility.

I dunno, I guess it comes from experience with the medical profession being quite aggressive about looking down on ‘alternative’ medicine but it surprises me each time we get a positive reaction about tcm from someone at the clinic. It’s really great to have that support – I mean we’d be doing it regardless but when we’ve had so many issues with the clinic, it’s nice to have them back us up on something too.

I am very excited about the number of BFPs out there at the moment, congratulations everyone and hopefully we’ll be joining you all before too long!


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5 Responses to Sticks and Needles

  1. Geek says:

    2 pulses? Sounds promising.
    Good to see medical science finally coming around to see natural and alternative medicines as something that can be complimentary to clinical treatments.

  2. S. says:

    thats great your nurse was supportive of the acupuncture. i hope you get to join the bfp wave this time around too!

  3. thebao says:

    So nice when doctors don’t pooh-pooh alternative treatments. I hope your BFP is right around the corner!

  4. poppycat says:

    Sorry you have been a sickie. Sounds like this cycle is going really well! It’s about time things really fell into place for you right!?! Seems like the perfect time for your BFP ladies. I am rooting for you!

  5. Suze says:

    Good luck this round, I have a good feeling about it for you! 🙂

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