Weirdness Abounds

I used to use the phrase weirdness abounds all the time when K and I first met. She hated it but when she suggested it for the title of this post, I had to agree – what a weird day!!

As I said in the last post, we had the follie check this morning. Our doc was there and he said that based on the bloods from yesterday, we’d likely have the IUI on Monday or Tuesday.

We went home and it stopped raining long enough to take the dog for a much needed run at the park. Tai has obviously lost  a bit of fitness over the last week or so of home based excercising so this trip was quicker than usual. At which point we though, hey why don’t we go to the movies now, while she’s still exhausted?

This is when things started to get weird. The movie started at 12.10. At 12.20 both our cellphones and our landline started ringing (of course we were in the movies so they just kept ringing..). By the time we got out at 2.02 there were 6 missed calls on each of our mobiles. As we were walking out I called my voicemail to find out that it was the clinic with today’s blood results, and that we had to be back there at 2pm for the IUI.

I rang them back and spoke to the nurse who was VERY relieved to hear from us and said we’d be there in about 10 minutes. Then K reminded me that Mr CMM wanted to do acupuncture before AND after the insem this time.

By now we were in the car, so I rang Mr CMM and asked if we could come straight in (he’s usually closed in the weekend but had said we could come in for this), he said yes that was fine. So I rang the clinic back, explained that we were doing acupuncture and if it would be alright if we were there about 2.45 but they said no they needed to do it right away or the sperm would start to die because they had already thawed.  Cue another call to Mr CMM to say that no sorry we don’t have time but can we come after – thankfully he’s very understanding (or bemused, I’m not sure which it was to be honest lol).

We finally get to the clinic about 20 minutes after the first call and get buzzed in. The nurse was so pleased to see us, she was the same one from this morning and knew we’d been told it would be a couple more days so was stressing we’d miss out – she said she was about to try and find out what sort of car we have and drive around looking for it when I rang lol.

At this point we are kind of swinging from being anxious about the size of the follies (we thought they had another couple days of growing to do), the lube that they used for the scan this morning, not being able to do the acupuncture like we planned, how being anxious would affect things and then laughing at the oddness of the whole situation – one minute we’re sitting at the movies laughing away and the next we’re rushing for an insem that we’re late for that we didn’t think was happening for another few days.

Ok so long story short (too late, right?), we had IUI #10 today. It went really really well. Whether it was the leftover lube (which they assured us wouldn’t be a problem spermicide-wise), the nurse (one of only 2 that can actually do the IUI without hurting K) or just the surprise of it all, I don’t know but it was good.

They used 2 straws with a total of 3.8 million sperm and 70%(!!) motility. We are stoked with these numbers, they are a lot higher than our donor normally is – last time I think it was only 50 something motility.

From there we went to see Mr CMM for some acupuncture. He also gave us some sticks, possibly charcoal or something like that, which I am to burn and use to warm the pressure points for K’s uterus over the next little while. It’s once a day, and I hold it in the air over each point for a few seconds, alternating between them for about 20 minutes each day. Different but it’s pretty cool that I now have something that I can do to help!

K still has to have a blood test tomorrow to check if she’s still surging, if so we might get to do another IUI tomorrow, but the nurse said they tried the graph every way possible seeing as it was so unexpected and they were pretty sure today was the day. 

I guess we get so used to being able to predict what day things are going to happen, and being prepared for them so it’s thrown us a bit having this change so much in just a couple of hours. Weird I tell you.

But it’s all good – IUI#10 is done, and we’re headfirst into the tww! Wish us luck!


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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11 Responses to Weirdness Abounds

  1. queerstork says:

    What a great story to tell your kid(s) and grandkid(s)!!

    Sounds like a perfect hit. Enjoy the rest of your weekend ladies, you’ve earned it.

    Wishing you a speedy tww.

  2. thebao says:

    Too funny! Best of luck during your tww.

  3. Geek says:

    Fingers crossed for you.

  4. A. says:

    That is fantastic news!! So glad that it all worked out….sounds like one crazy day! 🙂

  5. S. says:

    whoa! what a crazy day! glad it worked out, sounds like a well-timed insem with great numbers! good luck!

  6. Good luck, girls! Hoping like heckito that this is your time!

  7. Gayby Rabies says:

    Wow- crazy! I’m working on a theory that a crazy insemination is more likely to be a successful insemination. I hope you prove me right. Good luck!

  8. strawberry says:

    what a whirlwind! glad you got that IUI in and wishing you success!

  9. A says:

    Good Luck!!!

  10. poppycat says:

    Good luck ladies!!!! I have those sticks from my acupuncturist too but I haven’t used them yet… ooops, don’t tell her.

  11. Olive says:

    Wow, what a crazy insem story. I love when there’s a good story involved – especially when the timing ends up spot on which it sounds like it did. I’m crossing my fingers for you!

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