Come on MAY

I cannot believe that April is nearly over. It’s May this week. Whats up with that? Of course, I’m happy it’s May because May means we try again, but damn this year’s going fast for me.

We had a fantastic holiday, it was just what we needed and we had so much fun. I’m working on a photo post of the touristy things we did (I took hundreds but I’ll restrict myself to a few here!). It helped that we had a bunch of vouchers for 2 for 1 meals at some pretty nice places, and we found a last minute deal for a great hotel/resort place so we got to have a fairly luxurious time on a decent budget.

Back to work now, like a lot of places there’s so many rumours flying and secret meetings with senior management at my work right now it’s kind of scary. I like to think I’m in a good position to keep my job, but really no one knows. It’s becoming pretty clear that some people will be losing theirs though – luckily K is in a very secure job as a teacher. If it happens, it happens and we’ll deal with it but the waiting’s not nice.

K had her first day back to school today, and is off on camp Wed-Fri this week and then Wed-Sat next week. Then her camps are over for the year and so any activity restrictions for pregnancy won’t matter.

So bring on May! CD1 should be this weekend or early next week so lucky K gets to enjoy the clomid while she’s at camp. I seriously can’t believe we’re so close to May already. I’m a little hung up on it right now lol It’s a little scary really, it kind of feels like we’re hitting the business end of things and something big’s going to happen, one way or the other. But we’re very excited about trying again.

To balance things out, next week we are both starting an 8 week stress management and relaxation course which is a mixture of a few different meditation and yoga techniques. I’m sure this will be a huge help to both of us!


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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3 Responses to Come on MAY

  1. Jen says:

    Come on May is right! I sure hope that change is a comin’ for you guys and that you take care of business. I felt/feel the same way that something big is around the corner, let’s just hope it is a baby and not job loss! Love to you both.

  2. Travelher says:

    Sounds like a great trip away! Saving money and having a nice holiday is always a good combination.
    The 8 week course should be a great addition to al of the other things you’ve been doing. You know I am a strong supporter of yoga and meditation! I hope you love it!
    Bring on MAY!!!

  3. queerstork says:

    That de-stressing program sounds wonderful! What a nice treat for yourself – enjoy!

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