The Dangers of FB and Other Bedtime Stories

Wow, I have my own little political debate going on over at my facebook page! At one stage this morning as my inbox was being filled with comments from my sister in law and a friend from school (who have never met) going at each other.

All over my status update (note to self: never ever ever ask for people’s opinions on a polarising issue like this – what were you thinking?? lol).

See, the town where I grew up has recently been in the news a lot over whether to change it’s spelling. In particular adding a letter into the spelling as requested by the local iwi (local Maori tribes in the area) after 170 years of it being missing. It wouldn’t change the pronunciation but nonetheless has pulled a lot of media attention and debate.

What started, I thought, as an innocent status update has given my page far more action than it’s used to lol

We’re breaking again for April. It sucks but it makes sense. The good thing is it means we’ll have a relaxing holiday together and actually be able to go away for a night or two to celebrate our anniversary instead of having appointments and tests all week.

Tonight K is at soccer practice, she hasn’t played for a couple of years and I’m not sure if she’s convinced yet that she will play this year but hopefully she’s having fun running around tonight!

I find it hard to stay away from blogging. Even though I don’t have much to say ttc wise. It’s hard to break and I think blogging makes me feel like I’m doing something about it. Which I’m not. I think I just have this certain amount of energy right now that needs to be directed to TTC, so this is the place it ends up. Even if I end up going over the same thing all the time.

It’s Wednesday night here, and I think Wednesday night is one of my favourites – over halfway through the work week, good tv. 2 more days til the weekend and I can’t wait – after that it’s all downhill til holiday time.

So May it is. We have feelings  about May. May May be the month. Unless YOU are trying in April – in that case I’m all about April being YOUR month!


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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One Response to The Dangers of FB and Other Bedtime Stories

  1. poppycat says:

    Sometimes a break is just the right prescription. I know being able to spend some quality time together for you anniversary will re-energize you for your May cycle. In the mean time, this is the perfect place to direct all that energy. Happy weekend!

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