All about the positives

AKA: Things that made us happy this week.

  • Taking Tai to the dog park after work. Even though she’s super crazy when we get home from work we usually all feel better after we go down to the park for a run.
  • My wonderful wife who takes fantastic care of me when I slice my finger open, even though she’s just taken her ‘erbs and needed to eat before she puked lol. Also, even when we didn’t get much washing done this weekend she still makes sure I have my uniform ready for work.
  • Also the fact that despite fluctuating moods, stress levels etc there is a lot more laughter in our house these days and very few angry words.
  • Driving in to work on Friday and seeing the 6 hot air balloons that were visiting the town for the morning. Including a cute cartoon turtle one.
  • Helen Clark getting the nod for the job as head of the United Nations Development Programme. Aunty Helen was a great Prime Minister and leader for 9 years. She’s both loved and hated here but her government made it possible for us to be legally recognised as a couple, among other rights, as well as being strong enough to keep the country out of situations we didn’t need to in. And I have to admit I shed a tear on election night when she resigned as leader of the labour party after losing the election. To go on to the 3rd top job in the UN is definitely a credit to her. This is still to be ratified by the general assembly but close to a done deal.
  • Autumn: Cold enough to wrap up under the blankets at night, but clear blue skies and warm sun during the day. Not counting the Waikato fogs of course.
  • Getting a pseudo-promotion at work, no change in pay and title but much more interesting and challenging work is coming my way. But most importantly, and timely as yet another organisation-wide financial review is being wound up, it gives me about as much job security as I can get right now.
  • Flaking out of all the parties on offer this weekend and staying home with K for a dvd night instead.
  • Waking up with a migraine on Saturday but sleeping and drugging it off in the car while K had her hair done. Instead of spending the day in bed, we had fun going out to brunch and shopping.
  • K was  happy by her class doing a successful proposal to the principal in a bid to get their camp financed.
  • K was also very happy by getting a pair of pants for $7.50. Marked down from $99.95!  And her new cow print slippers.
  • Both of us only have 2 more weeks of work til our holidays. This makes us very happy!

But most of all:

  • Hearing the disappointment in Nurse Bobble Head’s voice when she admitted to me that yes, actually the dr does think it’s a good idea to do the AMH test. Seriously, you could tell she was pissed off. Ha!

About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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3 Responses to All about the positives

  1. poppycat says:

    The times when we can actually breath enough to realize the good things in our lives are the best. Congrats and enjoy the good stuff!

  2. S. says:

    ha!! i love that nurse bobble head was the one to have to call you back to tell you the doc was on your side!! 😉

    glad to see you have so many wonderful positives going on right now! it’s so easy to lose sight of those things…

  3. Tory says:

    Life can be so amazing at time, regardless of all the obstacles 🙂

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