AMH Testing and Bobble Head

First off, does anyone know anything about AMH testing?

Our clinic starting offering it a few months ago and as far as I can see from my limited reading about it so far it’s a blood test which can indicate how many eggs a woman has left in reserve, thus helping to make informed choices about treatment options.

I think it’s fairly new, but does anyone out there know anything about it? Have any experiences?

We asked about it at our last insem and were told Nurse Bobble Head would phone us back the next week to discuss it. Weeks came and went (about 5) and we never heard anything so I phoned yesterday and left a message.

Today I get this call from her and am no more the wiser, but plenty more pissed off at her and by association the clinic in general. (caution: swearing ahead!)

From the outset of this call she was agressive, rude and not listening to me at all.

She started off by saying ‘you rang about the amh testing, well I’m going to have to talk to the dr about that because you’ve had what 10 insems already with no success? I don’t know if the test will tell you anything, we already have so much data on K’s cycles’.

Ok so it didn’t start off well. And the conversation got worse as it went on including such gems from her as:

You need another review with the dr, how many insems have you done without a review anyway (answer: just the one, we’ve mostly been on a break since then.

Well how many have you done all up, 10? Are you getting funding for this?(answer: no we’re paying privately and that we’ve only done 9 (all of which should have been in the file in front of her face).

She then changed tack and very bitchily said ‘well you can’t get any further treatment from us until you pay your arrears’. My answer – well that would be the bill that we got less than a month ago that took you 6 months to send us, you’ll get it soon. And they haven’t even sent us a reminder about it so they can’t be that concerned.

She stated that they had so much information about K’s cycle such as ‘response to clomid, E2, FSH levels and how she responds to stims’. How on earth can they have details of how she responds to stims when we have not used stims. Ever. Despite the nurse’s harrassment of us each and every damn cycle. Clearly she didn’t have our file in front of her, or at least didn’t bother to read it.

I am just so fucking pissed off with her right now, it was a simple question and apparently she is the only one to ask, and she goes off into all this other shit with such a bitchy horrible attitude.  And it wasn’t even so much what she said, although a lot of it was uncalled for, it was the way she said it.

Before you say it, I am intending to complain about her. I didn’t get into too much argument with her because I was expecting a group of Very Important External Auditors to sit with me and assess my work any minute so I was trying not to let myself get upset because there’s no way I wanted to fuck that up.

I’ve also found out that she is the head nurse (what the fuck?!?!) and I’m also wary of complaining too much/often while we are relying so much on their services – we literally have no place else to go for this and our donor lives 6 hours away.

But seriously they have to work on their people skills and they need to know this. I honestly felt like we were being treated as an inconvenience, an anomaly to their success stats and pretty much failures. She was so accusatory with her tone, and it just seemed to come from nowhwere. It’s like well people normally are pregnant by now, and you’re not so I don’t want to deal with you, it’s too hard. I don’t know if she’s not used to patients asking questions – I can’t imagine many people getting to this point without questioning things though. Maybe she had a bad day – so what, not my fucking problem, she’s in a job where she needs to be empathetic not one where she can beat people over the head with a brick.

Anyway she’s going to talk to the Dr and ring me back on Thursday about whether they think the test is necessary or not – I’ll be spending time before then researching the damn test myself so I can be prepared. She also tried to put us off by saying it costs $150 but honestly that’s a drop in the bucket compared to what we’ve been spending.

The results are probably not so relevant for child #1, but we’re planning for K to have more than 1 and if she does have lower egg reserves obviously we’re gonna want to try for #2 before it’s too late (even if I feel like I’m jinxing things by blogging about #2 already).  She’s 32 now and if it’s the difference between her trying to get pregnant again in another say 2 years or me trying in between and then her again in 4-6 years – and they can tell us now if that would be too late, well obviously we want to know before it’s too late.

Makes me feel better about maybe waiting til May for the next insem – the less contact with them right now the better I say.


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3 Responses to AMH Testing and Bobble Head

  1. S. says:

    wow, what a bi*chy response from the nurse. i’m glad you are planning to mention it to her bosses – infertility nurses really do need to approach their patients with a degree of sensitivity.

  2. Next in Line says:

    Every time I read about the trials with your clinic I am reminded of why we left our first clinic. We stayed for a year and really tried to manage the situation. The disorganization and lack of reading files really bites! I know when we experienced that it left me with little confidence in them and just plain fuming mad most of the time. I used to feel like I had to be an fertility expert to make sure that things weren’t being missed. They did miss mess things up and it cost us time and money. I wish that you had another option. Being able to trust that people are making good plans for your care is so important. In the meantime I am sure that someone out there in blog land can give you a hand. I have never heard of AMH.

  3. joul says:

    Her behaviour is completly uncalled for. You two deserve to be treated better.

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