“…..Insert catchy title here ….”

Well its the end of another weekend *sigh* … but it has been a very good one.  We headed up to my hometown where my parents and one of my sisters live as we were lined up to babysit 1, 2, 3, 4 .. no 5 kids (if only I were as fertile as my sister) as she was planning to enter a fishing comp.  But the weather had other ideas – so with 25knot winds forecast we were ‘off the hook’ (ha ha see my clever link to fishing type lingo) for babysitting.  Anyways we had a nice night with the family and stayed with my ma and pa, had a GREAT sleep in minus one barky type fur baby who had been exiled to the boarding kennels for the weekend …. which she loves cos she makes all kinda dog type friends and can bark her friggen head off.  We babysat for my sister for a couple of hours anyway so she could go to lunch with her girl pals which she doesn’t get to do very often with 5 kids (did I mention I wish I was as fertile as she was?) and then we headed up to the metropolis of Newmarket so we could finally see the movie MILK as for some unknown reason the powers that be who decide where movies get shown decided our little city wasn’t cool enough or some shit ANYWAYS we got to see it and it was great!  So very worthwhile.  Then we headed back to my sisters place (did I mention I wish I was as fertile as she is?) and as it happens they got a new dining set, which was fantastic news for us BECAUSE our table thinks it’s a rocking chair and we have all kinds of unpredictable motion which makes for interesting meals especially when we have people over.  So we get her old dining set which gives us two extra chairs than we had before plus this table doesn’t do the hula on its own.  If it seems like I’m rambling its because I have had chocolate recently.  Ask Tui.  I respond strangely to copious amounts of sugar.  We managed to get a dining table and 6 chairs in our car which I think is particularly impressive.  Following that we had a roast lamb dinner and then headed back quite late back to our place arriving 10pm somewhat exhausted but as it was something different from every other weekend lately it was a welcome change.  We have spent much of today at the shops hunting for a present for sister’s child number 4 (did I mention I wish I was as fertile as she is?) for her up and coming birthday … where apparently she is not 4 but 3 years old.  Hey, with 5 kids its hard enough to remember all their names let alone birth dates and ages.  We also crammed in grocery shopping, mowing lawns, washing followed by washing machine malfunction that leaked all over the floor, so then we washed the floors too while we were at it, plus we put together table and pulled the old one apart plus got housework done and washing and WOW picked up dog from holiday at kennels took her swimmin and gave her a bath where she gave me a shower …………………………. OK!   So to sum up, busy weekend, new table and chairs, sister is fertile.

Meanwhile I have been thinking (it has happened from time to time) that I was actually a little bit pregnant last time round.  So I know you either are or you aren’t but you know what I had early symptoms that I haven’t had before or not to the same extent eg decreased apetite, feeling sick, breast tenderness, plus the cramping which I nearly always get around implantation day.  Then the symptoms went away …. and following BFN I had a horrendous shark week.  I took painkillers in the first 2 days almost around the clock.  So I dunno part of me thinks it was worse cos there was something a bit extra to get rid of, who knows …. but it makes me feel better to think that it may have been that because it means that we are moving closer to the positive.  Mr Chinese Medicine man told me it might not work this time as I was getting better but still not 100% so maybe thats why it is?  And period pain was different than I used to ever have .  Who knows?!!  Anyways enough babbling now, one of our purchases this weekend was the new Lily Allen CD and we particularly enjoy the song “Fuck you” … you should listen it will make you laugh!!  BTW Congrats to vee and jay!  So great to see whats possible!

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3 Responses to “…..Insert catchy title here ….”

  1. S. says:

    ouch, that’s rough to be around a super-fertile, even if it is family.

    i hope you are right and you are getting closer to the bfp, ive got fingers crossed for you!

  2. Robbie says:

    I LOVE Lily Allen. Saw her in concert about 2 yrs ago. Good show. 🙂

  3. bebebaba says:

    thanks for the comment and encouragement! this song does totally rock and it really hits the nail on right on the head. good luck to you two. im going to add you to my blogroll so i can follow along at home.


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