Question #4 take 2 …. K’s version

Phobias – well first of all let me complete Tui’s list that she ‘forgot’ to mention.  We have spent some of the morning debating over wether these are phobias or not … I don’t really care I’m still gonna mention them ha ha. 

ANTS – Tui FREAKS out when she sees them and gets really agitated and immediately has to get up and kill them.  If she sees 3 at once you’d swear the house was swarming with them. 

SPIDERS – even little ones.  Remember we don’t actually have any real poisonous spiders in NZ – one a white tail will give you a bit of a lump and sore spot for a few days (very rarely can get worse) and Redbacks are an import from Aussie (well I think both of them are) but I have never seen a redback.  But while she screams at home and demands me to rid her space of these harmless creatures, apparently at work she is the butch spider exterminator and rescues everyone else … go figure.

THEME PARK RIDES and generally anything with irregular motion.  This lead to enjoyable times at Tokyo Disneyland where I had to spend much time solo with random Japanese people on various rides.  Ditto Aussie theme parks when we went to Gold Coast.  Also we had a particularly interesting Gondola ride up a mountain in Lucerne (see trip blog for ref) where her knuckles gripped the wall bars tighter and tighter with every sway to the point where she nearly ripped the iron bar off the wall.  I thought she was going to pass out.  And don’t ever mention the Scooby Doo coaster at Movie World that I convinced her would be a kids ride and not scary…

Other general quirks – my lovely wife doesn’t like me listening to her while she is on the phone with ANYONE and will walk out the room.  Sometimes I will follow her just to wind her up and see her move around the house while trying to hold a conversation and avoid me.  Yet a big part of her job is answering phones in a call centre.  I could take it personally but luckily I love her dearly and it just makes for a more interesting life.


HOME INVASION/ATTACK – I am terrified of someone breaking in to the house and I must admit I am a bit OCD on checking things are locked etc.  Also if I am walking alone anywhere even in broad daylight I am suspicious of every male I see.  Obviously a deep seated issue I have with the opposite gender with a bit of history, definately my biggest fear.

CLAUSTROPHOBIA – I can get agitated if we go into busy spaces with lots of people and/or cars.  Also any time I feel trapped e.g this morning I sat at the dining table in the chair closest to the window which you can’t really get out of unless the person next to you gets up.  Tui was sitting in the other chair effectively blocking me in and I started feeling mildly agitated.  Also sometimes I can’t be held when I feel like that.  I think it links to how stressed I may be at the time.

SHARING ICE CREAMS – I’m gonna put this one in cos if I don’t Tui will.  I can’t handle someone licking my ice cream.  Unless its my cat.  Even if she does lick her own butt.  Once I asked Tui to hold my ice cream and SHE LICKED IT!  I couldn’t believe it – my relationship with that ice cream was over (and might I add I was so angry Tui’s and mine was almost over too … jokes!)  Needless to say she hasn’t done that again … but gets really angry that the cat can share with me.  I think its because cats never look like they have spit on their tounge.  Humans always do.  EWWWW.

STICK INSECTS – I don’t know if you guys have these but they literally look like a stick with legs.  And they can get pretty big.  My sister chased me with one when I was a kid and scared the crap outta me.  So no more stick insects for me.  Wetas also fall into that category.

CLOWNS – I used to collect them when I was a kid like figurines and stuff.  Then I watched the movie “IT” from Steven King’s novel.  That was IT for me.  All clown merchandise automatically went into boxes after that.

HEIGHTS – Even though I can cope most times I rock climb etc I get vertigo easily.  Walking (or worse mountain biking) over bridges or standing on anything over 8 foot I start to freak a little. 

I can’t really think of anything else right now …. but there are many things I can be quirky about just like my lovely wife.  No doubt she will fill in anything I missed. 

Back to slightly sore nipples today after a few days of no symptoms.  Hope its not PMS!

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4 Responses to Question #4 take 2 …. K’s version

  1. Tui says:

    Yeah yeah, I love you too 😛

  2. These Q & As are hilarous, ladies!

    Also, may those returning symptoms be a sign of great news!

  3. S. says:

    the phone & the ice cream ones are great! 😉

    yay for sore nipples, hope its a good sign!

  4. strawberry says:

    Ok you both sound weirdly perfect for each other 😉 Am so hoping to see a positive from you…

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