It just takes one..

We had the scan this morning, CD11, and there is one super follie there at 19mm which we are very happy with. The others are smaller, one at 10mm and a couple at 8mm so we’re hanging on to that good ol’ mantra it just takes one.

Interestingly, K came home from work today to say that the kids there think that she is a few months pregnant already – I guess a combination of knowing we were trying last year, and she may have been overheard referring to todays scan appointment’. She nipped that rumour in the bud but here’s hoping its a good sign!

On the clinic front – sadly they are the only ones in our city, there are others in Auckland I believe but that would be next to impossible to do because aside from the hassle of changing everything over (including sperm storage etc as we’re using a kd), it would take us at least a couple of hours driving to get to each appointment and back. And we can’t afford that much time off work so often.

As far as the problems we’ve had with them go, individually they are nice and friendly and supportive, it’s just that their administrative skills downright suck.

Having said that I’m pretty sure one of the nurses there doesn’t like me – not that I care lol. I had to ring yesterday to arrange the scan appointment as they weren’t bothering letting us know what was happening. She was going to leave it til their phone call with the blood test results (which we usually get late afternoon) and she wasn’t too impressed that I demanded she give us an appointment then and there.  I think she’s the one that screwed up our dates and I also think she got in trouble for it (as she should) because she got all defensive when I referred to ‘the stuff up with our dates’.

We have complained to the dr,  our fave nurse (who sadly seems to be on holiday at the moment) and also the clinic manager who phoned us to apologise after the letter incident and while they’re apologetic and so on, it just doesn’t get through to the general nurses. The number of times they’ve made notes in our file about the injections is ridiculous yet they still keep asking – quite clearly the nurses don’t actually read the files when we come into the room.

Even today as we were leaving, one nurse told us we need to pick up the trigger shot. Honestly, we’re ready to print up business cards that state:

No we’re not doing injections.

Yes the Doctor knows.

Get this – he even agrees with us!!

The other nurse in the room tried to calm things by saying ‘that’s okay, it’s your choice’ which is cool, but totally missing the point of the dr actually telling us that based on K’s cycle, ovulation history and E2 levels the injections wouldn’t even help anyway.  So basically we’d be paying $500 more to pump her full of more drugs that are totally unnecessary. Just because ‘that’s what everyone else does’. Ummm no thanks!

But yeah anyway – GO SUPER FOLLIE!!!!


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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7 Responses to It just takes one..

  1. Go Super Follie indeed!

    Hey, maybe your Super Follie and my Singular Sensation will choose to turn into real live you-know-whatsits and can be trans-Pacific buddies.

  2. Heidi says:

    Go Super Follie!!!!!

    (I often thought of getting a tattoo on my forehead telling the nurses/doctors of all the things they shouldn’t say to me for the one millionth time!)

  3. A says:

    If it gives you even more hope…I have a friend who got pregnant with only 1 follicle. She had a girl. It is very possible. I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  4. nutella says:

    Well, boo for the administration screw ups. But GO SUPER FOLLIE!

  5. S. says:

    what a beautiful follicle! 19mm is PERFECT!! wishing you buckets of luck and a bfp in a couple of weeks!

  6. poppycat says:

    Super follie indeed! Since you are doing the job of that nurse, maybe you should petition for a percentage of her pay?

    Lots of luck my dears.

  7. A. says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Go, super follie!! Wishing you tons of luck.

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