Zen, peace, karma and all that …….

Tui is in bed with an upset stomach today – I am hoping she feels better soon so she can get out of bed and I will have someone to play with! Why waste a day off work sick by staying in bed I say … Dog and I went walking this morning and I even ran just a little bit to see if I could and I could and I did …. how bout that? 

I was just saying last night I feel really happy right now which seems odd in a way because we are not really any further along than this time last year – but perhaps the journey is more the point as they all say.   I feel like I am evolving in a way into a new person – going through all this alternative treatment and changing my way of thinking and consciously making myself de-stress and relax is changing who I am in a way.  So I feel very …. ‘floaty’ … I don’t know how else to describe it?!?!

Meanwhile its just under two weeks now until school officially starts up (In NZ our school follows the calender year just in case you didn’t know) but I will start going in next week to get organised.  All the new year nine students (12/13 year olds) are under my care for the first 3 days of their high school life and I have trained student leaders to run an orientation programme with them, so I will be getting that sorted for the following week.  In amongst this I have 2 days of athletics sports, swimming sports, approx 3 camps and numerous day trips to sort and run between here and Easter.  April is looking good already ha ha.  Its the biggest time of year for me and I am just hoping that I can maintain this feeling of calm and zen like floatiness throughout the chaos that my job entails.

We don’t know when we are going to try again.  It really depends on what chinese medicine guy says and how I feel.  All I know is that fitting insems around my term one commitments like camps etc is a nightmare.  And I’m not sure how I feel about hiking or mountain biking if we have inseminated.  You hear so much different stuff and it probably won’t matter but why risk it.  My stars say we are having a baby this year!  I don’t really believe in it that much but its interesting to read and see the parallels in your life.

Well must push on and start on some school work … argh …. it has to be done!  Hope everyone out there in blog land is A-OK.

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3 Responses to Zen, peace, karma and all that …….

  1. It sounds as though you are in a wonderful place mentally. Here’s to a wonderful new year for you two! Good luck with starting the school year!

  2. I like that description… floaty… that’s how accupuncture makes me feel… and I know it’s going to be the key to success. So glad that your stars are aligning for 2009. As we’re saying around here all day, Yes You Can!

  3. Travelher says:

    I’m all for listening to your body and doing what you feel is best for you. The steps you are taking to improve you health are huge and I applaud you.
    Stay Floaty!

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