Back on track again!

Well we had the appointment yesterday, and overall it went quite well and we walked out feeling very relieved.  Basically the plan is to do 4 more clomiphene stimulated IUI insems, during which time I’m also going to see a chinese herbalist/accupuncturist and try some alternative treatment to deal with stress and any actual fertility issues and help with weight loss.  I need to get my weight down (like I didn’t know!) because if we are unsuccessful with 12 IUI, which we will be at after these 4, we can go on the wait list for public funding for IVF – Yee ha!!  $20 000 savings is a bloody good incentive to work harder at losing weight.  Not that it matters because I’m confident within the next 4 IUI combined with help from alternative therapies we will get lucky. 

Poor Tui is sick in bed with bad migraine, unfortunately she didn’t make it to my work party last night.  I planned the end of year social activity, so I had my work colleagues running around the CBD of our city solving clues in a big scavenger hunt.  They seemed to enjoy it – I had fun watching them get everything wrong and go in the wrong directions.  Anyway as of today I am officially FREE until Feb 2nd.  The reality is though that teachers never really stop in the vacation so I will still be going in to work fairly regularly to get myself organised for next year, at least its on my terms!  And I am determined to have a good break and relax also and get in lots of ME time and COUPLE time and MUMMY and FUR BABY time – even if the barky one did wake me up at 5am this morning ….

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3 Responses to Back on track again!

  1. ciaochow says:

    Isn’t it amazing how hope is restored so quickly! I’m glad that you’ll qualify for public funding. We don’t even get that up here in Canada (unless both tubes are blocked).

    Since IVF is right around the corner for us, I’m wondering if you could tell more about the weight loss thing. I’m right on the edge of normal/overweight when it comes to BMI and I’m afraid they will make me lose weight before I can proceed (which is very hard for me to do). So, without giving more detail than you want, can you give an idea of how much you have to lose?

    Enjoy your furbabies! Enjoy your break!

  2. Tui says:

    Yeah, we’re very happy about the funding thing – we have only been thinking about IVF in terms of paying privately because we haven’t been given a biological/medical reason for not getting pregnant. We didn’t realise if you had 12 IUIs (and apparently only 6 have to be in a registered clinic – although we’re not sure where else we could have done it anyway lol) you also qualify.

    They do it on BMI here, so your BMI has to be under 32 to qualify. Unfortunately the waiting list is also about 7 months at the moment but it’s a whole lot better than nothing!

  3. Jen says:

    Holy cow- public funding for IVF? I have never heard of such a thing…ah, America. Enjoy your break and good luck wth the weight loss.

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