Thanks for the support everyone, needless to say we’re still pissed off about it all.

I spent most of the last hour at work on Friday ringing the clinic and trying to speak to someone who could help and ended up playing phone tag with our dr’s personal nurse. In a happy coincidence it turned out to be the one nurse there that we have a good relationship and trust. She left me a message just before she left saying she’ll call me on Monday morning so waiting until then.

The admin lady did double check all the appointments between now and then and said there’s definitely nothing earlier but has us at the top of the cancellation list.

I left another message for the nurse after she’d gone home explaining exactly why we’re so keen to do one in January especially (K on holiday = no stress = only time in the year that happens!).

I get that they want to do a review before going too much further, I do, but if we can’t get an appointment til then because of their scheduling we shouldn’t be punished and forced to stand down in the meantime. It makes no sense especially as we get no public funding at all so we’re paying the private fees out of pocket.

But.. waiting til Monday…

We’re also sure the dr is going to recommend IVF now but that’s for another post.

Today we’re awake early thanks to a barky naughty dog, and braving the shops for christmas shopping, then K’s family for a birthday lunch for her niece and nephew.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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  1. vee says:

    Sorry to hear of the negative and the timing setback. I agree it seems ludicrous to make you wait it out if a) you don’t want to and b) you’re paying for yourselves. I hope they change their minds.

  2. ciaochow says:

    If you’re at the top of the waiting list, you are certain to get in earlier! People cancel appointments for a myriad of reasons and you’re destined to get that lucky break.

    Talk to us about IVF when you can. What are you thinking? It’s just around the corner for me and I have many “I can’t believe we’ve reached this point” moments.

  3. Bree says:

    Oh, I wish you didn’t have to deal with either of these disappointments. Fight as hard as you need to… it’s your choice to continue whilst waiting for the next appointment, and I hope that they’ll respect you.

    Thinking about both of you.

  4. Next in line says:

    Oh girls…sorry to hear about the BFN. Being on hold because I can’t get an appointment makes me crazy as well. I started booking random appointments in the future just in case I needed one. I am in the TWW of my last IUI before IVF. Wow this is a difficult journey.

    I’m crossing my fingers for a cancellation for you!

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