Its the other one …

Hey everyone out there who reads our blog …. its K this time, the wife has put the hard word on and told me to write a blog … seriously twisted my arm behind my back and everything …. ok well not really – the thing is my wife is oh so eloquent in her writing (don’t you agree?) and usually says everything I would say anyway .. ANYWAYS ….

Again yesterday – another friggen accident … this is number 3 since september so I’m hoping thats it for a while???????? I was out mountain biking with my PE class and got a bit dizzy (have been having a few issues with my health lately) and consequently fell off my bike on a downhill stretch and managed to split open my elbow so it required stitches.  Well done I say.  Honestly I think my boss is about ready to put me out to pasture in a classroom permanently and tell me NO MORE SPORTS.  I think ACC (accident compensation) have me on speed dial.  On monday I might arrive at school in bubble wrap just for jokes.  Anyway my students were awesome.  Some went to get help and the others applied first aid and walked my bike and carried my bag until I was ok to ride.  Then they sorted the pack up of everything so I didn’t have to worry.  YAY! Who know 14/15 year olds could be so reliable. 

It had already been a stressful day as due to other health issues and the resulting lack of memory with me at the moment,  and I forgot to have my morning blood test.  So it gets to 11am first break at school and I suddenly remembered.  This meant I couldn’t get it done at the lab by school because its a small town and the bloods get couriered to the city where we live which would be too late, so I had to take the 30min trip into the city to get the bloods done, in the middle of my work day,  and whats worse I had no car so I had to interrupt someone else’s work day too.  So I get that done along with several other bloods on order from my doc then rush back to school just in time to get on my mountain bike and take kids riding.  In retrospect, probably not the best decision after having lots of bloods done and already struggling with dizzy spells etc.  Hence the accident.

This morning we have an insem.  So Tui has gone to work for the first hour while its no point me going in til after.  So I’m waiting for her to come get me within the hour.  Whats funny to me is the addiction to hope.  Every time we inseminate it’s exciting because you think it might happen this time.  All the cynical thoughts (for me at least) dissolve around this time and faith that it will happen re-emerges.  Anyways … lets hope this time … it works … PLEASE!  At the scan on Wednesday had an 18 and and 14 size folly.  Sure am hoping that the 18 is one big fat juicy sperm magnet!!!

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2 Responses to Its the other one …

  1. poppycat says:

    Hi K! Good to hear from you! Good to hear that you survived PE class.
    I think you just coined the term ‘hope addiction’. I have a severe addiction I can’t seem to control too.
    Wishing you a BFP! Lets go big fat juicy sperm magnet!

  2. Good luck with the TWW! Here’s to a BFP at the end of it! 🙂

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