Yay for holidays..

We’re well over halfway through the tww, our holiday is nearly over, but man it’s been a great week!

Poor puppy Tai spent a few days at the boarding kennels when we visited my parents, even though they don’t actually interact with the other dogs she somehow managed to steal a toy duck from one of them and apparently was so possessive about it that that the people that run the place thought it was hers lol. She was very happy to be home for a day (the cats weren’t as happy to see her, they’d had the run of the place for a few days and thought they’d seen the last of her), then off to Nanna and Poppa’s where she got into all kinds of potting mix mischief but also had 4 young ones to chase around.

Our holiday was just awesome, we had a nice couple of days with my folks, caught up with some friends, then had a great couple of days in Auckland. The highlight was definitely a behind the scenes zoo tour we did yesterday for K’s birthday – we got up close and personal with several animals and even got to hand feed the giraffes, lemurs (so freaking cute the way they hold your hand) and the lions (scary especially when one roared at K when he saw himself in her glasses from less than a foot away. There was a fence though thank goodness lol). We also got to pat the rhinos which was pretty cool too.

We were absolutely shattered by the time we got home late last night, then our neighbours had a party and the dog barked several times through the night so we didn’t get much sleep. K is back in bed now and I’m (not so) patiently waiting for her to get up so we can play guitar hero which I got for her birthday (I promised I’d wait for her and I’m regretting that now lol).

Monday is back to work for both of us, it’s been so much fun having this time off together but neither of us is ready for it to end!

TWW-wise, there was some definitely cramping around day 6-8 but who knows if thats related at all. We’ve kind of given up on looking for symptoms – I mean with the cramping we were hopeful, but at this point I’m convinced there’s no way of telling early pregnancy symptoms from pms and it just drives us crazy. Having said that, there’s still 5 more days til we test so even though we’re not going crazy now, there’s still plenty of time. We’ve done a pretty good job of forgetting about it this time round, which is a very welcome change!

I do remember at K’s birthday last year we were incredibly hopeful that by the time it rolled around this year we’d have our baby (oh the naivety we once had lol). Obviously that didn’t happen, but this year I couldn’t help the thought coming into my head again – this time I was holding our 4/5 month old niece as we were singing happy birthday to K and I coudn’t help but think how nice it would be if it were our small baby I was holding next year.


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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3 Responses to Yay for holidays..

  1. Guitar Hero is the BEST! Good luck during these final TWW days – my fingers are crossed for you guys!

  2. ciaochow says:

    I love a TWW that goes by with some time forgetting that you’re in the TWW – that’s the best!

    Hope this is it for you.. the end of your TTC journey and the beginning of your pregnancy journey!

  3. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for you two. I hear what you’re saying about PMS being so similar to early pregnancy symptoms. It sounds like you are staying relaxed during your TWW – that’s fantastic!

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