mmmmm veges…

Partly for a more healthy lifestyle, partly to help with ttc, we’ve been detoxing for the past 5 days using a herbal detox. Basically it involves swallowing 8 ‘horse pills’ a day, packed full of herbal goodness, and eating practically nothing but vegetables and fruit for 7 days. That’s maybe a little overstatement, we are allowed wholemeal bread, pasta, untoasted muesli etc but no dairy products, processed foods or white flour products.

This also rules out meat (except for fish which we’re allowed every 2nd day). This is the hardest part – I have always said that I understand vegetarians and am impressed that they can do it, but I could never give up meat. This week we’ve proved it! Although it has got easier as the weeks gone on, we are both missing meat badly.

Of course we picked the wrong time of year to do a detox – end of winter when everything is the smallest, most expensive and least tasty of the year. We also went out for lunch on the first day with some friends to a lovely italian restaurant. The others were all enjoying beautiful pastas and wine and we were stuck with a stingy salad and apple juice lol.

We’ve both lost some weight doing this, and the idea was to kickstart (properly this time) a more healthy diet so we are feeling good about it – but it has been a struggle.

K was supposed to play in a 24 hour basketball-a-thon fundraiser this weekend, but today at work she caught a volleyball right on the end of her thumb and has completely ruptured one of the ligaments in her thumb. So now she’s got her hand in a cast and is waiting for an appointment at the hospital to see a surgeon to decide if they need to operate! It would have been much easier if it was just broken – but this sounds like it might be a lot more complicated.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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One Response to mmmmm veges…

  1. Stacey says:

    i think next try u r going to get preg. Why?? well u were in my dream recently, and when that happens its a good sign. Right before joulybean got preggers i had a dream, so i logged on to comment that she would be next and she had only hours before posted her BFP post!!! so keep up the good work.. i think u will be very soon.

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