Here we go…

Day one of blood tests today (at CD11), so we’re back in the groove (well K is – this part is all her really).

Today however wasn’t a good day at all – started by K driving me to work so she could have the car, and being rear ended by some idiot. I don’t think there’s too much damage and looked like he did more to his car, but still.

Then later K took Tai for a run beside the bike (like they do often) except this time Tai decided to cross over in front over and ended up at the vets needing stitches. Tonight we have a very subdued puppy whose sleeping very peacefully at my feet right now.

We’ve been trying to rub babies heads for luck but haven’t come across many this time round!

Sadly there’s been some not so good baby news around – firstly my cousin had her second miscarriage in 6 months last week. She had a scan and there was no heartbeat so she is having a D&C this week. Even though we’re not all that close, I’m heartbroken for her. The nearer we get, the more I can understand how much pain she must be in. Plus my aunt (her mother) died very suddenly almost a year ago so it’s truly been a hell of year for her.

As well as that, we’ve been doing a lot of fundraising at work for one of our colleagues family. His 8 month old son had open heart surgery (for the 2nd time) 2 weeks ago and has since had a stroke and a possible brain tumour discovered last week. It is just incredible how much this small boy has had to go through, yet when the family came in to work today he was just so happy and full of smiles for everyone.

However, in good news, I have seen TONS of pics of several school/uni friends babies which has been pretty cool (seems that everyone is updating their facebook pages at once lol).

So on the whole, I’m still feeling pretty inspired and upbeat about this month. K is still pretty stressed about work etc, and even though she’s on holiday (well technically) it’s still pretty full on and she’s been having trouble sleeping which isn’t good.

We did have a lovely romantic candlelight dinner last night at home – something we definitely should do more often!


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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One Response to Here we go…

  1. mrsbluemont says:

    I’m so hopeful for you! So sorry to hear about the car, and dog, and your poor cousin. It sounds like you’re taking everything in stride though. Much love to you both.

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