IUI#4 (5?)…. finally! Plus a couple of questions…

Today we were woken up pretty damn early by our LOVELY puppy who likes to bark randomly from about 6am onwards, today it was even earlier which meant getting up early to make sure our neighbours don’t complain too much!

K was feeling lousy but we both made it to work – on time and even early for once! The day rolled on and it got to 2.30 with no phone call so we were both assuming that it was a no go.

Normally if we are to inseminate they call us about 11ish, so we were pretty well resigned to the fact that it was over for this month. Apparently the clinic were assuming that too – the E2 level jumped to 410 yesterday, but the LH level seemed to be peaking at about 27 so they didn’t think it was a good cycle.

Lo and behold, when they finally checked todays results, the LH level had skyrocketed to 91 which meant that K got a phone call at 2.50pm asking if we could be at the clinic for a 4pm appointment. Seeing as we both work out of town and it’s about 40 mins to get there with a quick shower for K along the way was a bit of a mission!

But, we did get there, and found that it was even our favourite nurse/tech person doing the insem – bonus!

It was fairly uneventful, which is a great thing, and then we were on our way to our 5pm appointment with a mortgage broker (which incidentally didn’t go quite so well, but that’s all good).

So we’re into our tww as of now, a little delayed on CD18 but we’re there all the same!

They did say we can test next friday (8 days from now) as that’s the day K’s period would normally due (she very very rarely is late so despite the blood results this week, it would be strange for it to be a longer cycle), but that this could well be negative so may have to test a week later as well.

I thought that the HCG levels didn’t rise until after implantation etc which would be around the date of the first test but I’m not sure? Also – I’m sure I read somewhere that very high LH levels aren’t a good sign? The clinic didn’t seem worried at all, the nurse/tech was even excited that it went up at all so we could insem but does anyone have any thoughts???


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2 Responses to IUI#4 (5?)…. finally! Plus a couple of questions…

  1. Joul says:

    I think hcg is produced by the placenta as soon as implantation happens…. about 7 days after ovulation. As soon as the placenta attaches to the uterine lining, it begins circulating and can be detected in urine soon after that.

    As I understand it, high LH levels around the time you are supposed to inseminate is a very good sign! It’s when you have a really high LH during the wrong part of your cycle that it can be a bad sign.

    Congrats on being in the tww again! Good luck!

  2. Travelher says:

    Well, your LH was much higher than mine, I was at 14.4, then they gave me a trigger shot and I inseminated the next day.
    I am so confused really, b/c I think everyone’s story is different, blood levels, follicles, etc.
    Yet it’s so difficult not to compare and see what everyone else is doing, isn’t it?

    I’m with you on this TWW, let’s hope it’s a BFP for both of us!

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