We weren’t going to test until the blood test tomorrow, but decided to do a poas in the morning so we’d know what we were in for. Then we decided that we’d do one today, and sadly only one line was there.

K’s been feeling more and more like period and although she woke up feeling sick this morning, it seems pretty inevitable now.

And now its Sunday night, we’re both sad and frustrated and we’re full steam into Monday in just a few hours. Mondays suck.


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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4 Responses to BFN

  1. vee says:

    I know sorry doesn’t cut it, but there’s nothing more to say. I’m so sorry.

  2. Mrs. Bluemont says:

    I’m really sorry. ox

  3. queerstork says:

    Damn. I’m sorry.

  4. Stacey says:

    😦 I am sorry… 😦

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