now halfway through tww

7dpo and officially halfway through the tww. Again, not much more to report really. K’s been having some weird feelings the last couple of days but who knows if its related or not. She also seems to be coming down with a sinus infection or something and is at the moment tucked up in bed having an afternoon nap.

I have been amusing myself with checking out baby blogs ad dreaming that that will be us soon. I didn’t really mention it in my last update, but it was so awesome visiting my brother and nephew the other night. We got to see him being a daddy and it was just so damn cute. Haha yes that’s right I just called my 36 year old brother cute!

His son doesn’t live with him and he doesn’t get to see him as much as he would like due to living in different cities, so it was great to see him being a daddy after having him staying for a few days. He was great with his son and it was just an awesome heartwarming feeling watching them together. In retrospect it probably should have made me a little jealous but really it just gave me hope. We also got to meet his son’s mother for the first time which was cool too – she was as great as we’d been told and so lovely. My parents live in the same city as her, and despite not having met before the baby came along, she has made an awesome effort to make sure they (in particular my Mum) are included and part of everything and what could have been a tricky situation for my Mum just seems to be working out pretty well so far so I give her lots of kudos for that.

The child and parent expo was okay, there wasn’t a great deal there so we were a little disappointed but we did see a few demos for reusable nappies (which was why we wanted to go so we could see the differences between brands) and it really just left us more confused and thankful we’ve got time to sort it out. However we did enter our names in dozens of different competitions to win baby related gear too.

I am now spending the afternoon trying to sort out my laptop. See, my hard drive decided to bite the dust a couple of weeks ago and had to be replaced. Because I’m a dumbass and because my disk drive hasn’t worked for a long long time, I hadn’t backed up in a while and I lost nearly all my photos, programmes, music and worst of all writing. Now I’m trying to download some of my photos from my bebo page and thinking about setting up a flickr account as well. Luckily I haven’t deleted the photos of the camera recently, and the photos from our big month long overseas trip last year are also on K’s computer. But yes, lesson learned. Painful lesson learned.

We got the puppy speyed on Friday, and for a good 24 hours she was a lovely peaceful animal but now she’s back to her usual rowdy self lol.

For me this tww seems easier than the others, I can’t really pinpoint why, but for K it is much harder – so roll on next weekend I say!


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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4 Responses to now halfway through tww

  1. JoulyBean says:

    That must have been amazing seeing your brother with his son! Sounds like he’s really enjoying being a father!
    I wouldn’t have been able to control myself, I would have been soooo jealous! lol


  2. wikkid-smaht says:

    i got a sinus infection during my [successful] tww, too. i think it’s a good sign. pregnancy is an immune suppressing condition, so maybe she’s getting sick because she’s building a baby!
    good luck!

  3. tiff says:

    way to go on being 1/2 way through the wait!! it’s hard isn’t it!?? sounds like the time is going by though, and you’re busy, which is always a good thing!!! i’m all crossed for you that you get your BFP soon!!! good luck!!!!

    ps. my sinus got all congested before my positive! hope it is the same good sign for you two!

  4. Travelher and Pufferfish says:

    We are almost on the same TWW, so I’ve got my fingers crossed for both of us!!!

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