Not a whole lot…

Time is ticking over slowly, it’s funny how we’ve only ttc a couple of months, but already everything falls into the 2 week patterns – even though we’re sitting out a couple of months, I’m still very aware that last week would have been an iui, next week would have been the test etc.

Even with this though, I’m glad we decided to have the break – it would have been easy to just keep going but as frustrating as it may be to be waiting, I’m glad that K doesn’t have that stress on top of everything else right now. I said before that it was the one thing we could control at the moment, but it’s also the lack of control that made the break a good decision. We would be able to cope if we knew there would be a positive test at the end of the month, but without that guarantee I feel like we would just be setting ourselves up for failure – and the fall would have been that much greater.

Maybe I’m starting to repeat myself and over-justify, but hey, this is supposed to be a record of where we’re at lol. For the most part, it’s out of my mind now but I sit down with my computer and the same stuff comes up each time.

K has been sick again this week, throwing up and all which is no fun on top of all the other stresses and made us briefly think ‘what if the test was wrong’ – but we got over that.

Puppy Tai is growing every day – man, she has quadrupled in weight in the last 3 weeks lol, she’s a bit of a little shit at the moment but she is learning and tonight has mastered the sit, stay and come commands. She is becoming a bit of a squirrel if we don’t watch her though – last weekend we were taking apart some furniture and she kept taking off with the hammer; today we got home and couldn’t find the tv remote – it was wedged well under the couch!

Our new bedroom furniture finally arrived a couple weeks ago after a few delivery dramas. This means we now have my old furniture in the spare-soon-to-be-babies-room and it is already full of all the hand me down clothes from K’s sister – this makes us happy and hopeful 🙂

This week we were also very tempted to book a trip to Australia for a week in April but I can’t afford the time off work and even with the specials it would be a big chunk of money. We are however, very excited about having four days off this weekend and hopefully after working hard Friday and Saturday we’ll get a chance to relax as well.

Hmm.. this post seems awfully bullet-pointy – I said to K I was blogging but really didn’t have much to say. She thought I might be making stuff up to make it more interesting so I wondered about writing a nice little story about a hot air balloon ride or something but she was not amused lol my sense of humour slips when I get tired…

Hopefully this weekend I will also get a chance to catch up on some blogs and see how everyone else is doing!


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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One Response to Not a whole lot…

  1. Michelle says:

    Hey thanks for your comment! It was my wife and I’s first IUI and I just passed the 2 week mark and got a big old negative pregnancy test, blah! Who would have guessed having a baby would be this draining and that was only my first time!. We are proceeding with the next cycle, so maybe this will be our lucky one 🙂 As for you and your wife I wish you both have baby happiness as well!

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