We have a new baby – a fur one that is

We have welcomed a puppy to our household. We rescued it from the pound and she is beautiful – will post pic soon. I only wish we could have saved her siblings too. Anyways it is a welcome distraction from our tww and something we had been planning to do for some time. My mother thinks its a great idea. My father not so much as it means he has to help build fences. Lucky he loves us so much.
Things have been a bit hectic lately and very emotional. I have already had enough of blood tests etc and the waiting game and its only cycle 2. God help us if it takes much longer. Apologies to all those who have been trying for much longer and probably would like to hit me now. Pregnancy test on Saturday, I will be suprised if we are pregnant due to the stress I have been under in the past ten days. One of the biggest school events is athletics day/s (two day event), and I have to plan and run it. So I did all the planning and organising etc etc and then approximately 10% of the students at my school decided to make it the day from hell, including vandalising a toilet block and setting fire to the straw like grass on the school field (we are in the middle of a drought). Needless to say after the fire which saw the arrival of the town fire engine the principal was less than impressed and sent the whole school home early and cancelled the second day. Fun and games. It upset me alot as it is ‘my thing’ and it kind of reflects on me not that I could do much about any of it. Also am very upset for the students who were participating and having a good time and had their day ruined. 20 or so senior students in their final year stayed overnight at school on the marae (maori meeting house) and discussed the issue then ran the assembly the next morning and told all the kids off for about 20 mins which was both amusing and touching. So I have the day off today to recover at least part of my sanity, and new puppy thinks this is great as she has someone to play with, but I was planning on catching up work ?!?!?! She now will not settle in her pen and screamed when I put her in there so I could have a bath and destroyed pretty much the whole set up. Lets hope she does not do this tonight! All good training for baby ……


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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2 Responses to We have a new baby – a fur one that is

  1. david santos says:

    Hello, Keeshay!
    Thanks for your posting and have a good day.

  2. queerstork says:

    Congrats on puppy and I’d just like to say (as someone who works at an animal shelter) thank you for adopting from a shelter. I look forward to seeing some pictures!

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