IUI #2

Highlights from IUI#2:

  • The nurse/technician (I’m going to say nurse from now on but I think she had another title) had trouble matching the donor # to BD. This was mostly because the straws are labelled with the number only, and we didn’t know the number so when she went to cross reference it she got a bit flustered. I understand her caution but at one point she said ‘I can’t do the insemination if I’m not sure it’s the right one’ which freaked me out a bit. Especially as she had the paperwork from last time with the same donor # but wanted more ‘proof’. But better safe than sorry and we got there in the end.
  • It hurt. The nurse had a LOT of trouble finding K’s cervix and then putting the catheter in so it was a pretty rough experience for her and seemed to take forever! Not that fun watching either.
  • The nurse got herself caught in the heavy wooden automatic sliding door before we started trying to keep it open for me – she stepped into it thinking it had a sensor but it didn’t stop and just slammed right into her chest.
  • She also kept winking at me periodically when she’d say things – K thinks she was trying to keep me involved but it was a little disconcerting at the time.

We weren’t nearly as excited or nervous this time round, in fact we were a bit blase about the whole thing in comparison to last time, but then again the IUI itself didn’t help things as K came out of it quite sore, pale and feeling a bit nauseous.

So into the TWW we go…


About Tui

30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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2 Responses to IUI #2

  1. wikkid-smaht says:

    good luck!
    i’m almost at the end of my first tww. crazymaking, isn’t it?

  2. tui says:

    It sure is! Thanks for the luck, and the same back at you 🙂

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