This weekend, last weekend

K started this month’s blood tests this morning, so by our reckoning we should be inseminating sometime this weekend.

Like I said last week, we are more comfortable about the process itself this time round, but K in particular is maybe a bit more nervous about the odds. We were told by everyone at the clinic that she should try and be as relaxed and stress free as possible for the insemination.

Well, this was fine during the summer holidays but now she’s back at work and in what’s probably the busiest time of her year. We’ve also both been sick during the past week so she’s a bit worried that she’s not relaxed enough.

Mind you, it could be that last time round her body was so relaxed (an unnatural state for her lately) that it didn’t know what to do, and couldn’t be bothered getting off it’s ass to help the process along!

So fingers, toes etc crossed for this weekend.

Also, being that this is supposed to be a record of the whole process, I’m planning to post this weekend about our donor; how we came to go down the KD path and how we came to decide on BD.

Last weekend we had a nice relaxed time with K’s parents. Her sister and nephew came for lunch, then her parents took us shopping for bedroom furniture (very exciting we will finally have matching stuff when it’s delivered) and we also bought a bookcase for all my books (very very exciting).

Last weekend was also taken over by our obnoxious 18-19 yo boy racer neighbours with their piece of sh*t van that has a rotary engine and no muffler. Seriously, they sit outside idling the engine for 10 minutes before they go anywhere, and they are coming and going every couple of hours right through the night.

On Friday night, our next door neighbour had a go at them about it so they called the cops on him and he got in trouble. After that they were just being absolute dickheads and worse than normal – just trying to stir up trouble. It backfired for them though, as in the space of about 30 minutes on Sunday morning they’d been threatened by two different people (one with a nice big block of wood who funnily enough they took very seriously). I did call the cops about the van because the noise was over the legal limit, but I don’t think much happened from that. Then on Monday night another guy was canvassing the neighbourhood to get everyone to fill in police complaint forms on him.

The good news is that something has got through to him (not sure if it was the cops or the threat of bodily harm by several different people, and dickhead has fixed his van up. The extra good news is that their landlord is moving back into that house in March so they’ll be gone from our neighbourhood.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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3 Responses to This weekend, last weekend

  1. vee says:

    I hope this weekend brings a successful insem and a bit of peace and quiet round the neighbourhood!

  2. JoulyBean says:

    I’d love to hear how you decided on a known donor! We were going to go that route too, but our known donor passed away.

  3. tui says:

    Yeah I didn’t quite get that post done last weekend, but it is still coming!

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