This and that

CD – let’s see – 5 today I think, another week and we’ll hopefully be doing this all over again.

It has been different waiting for the CD’s to pass this time round. It feels to me like there’s a little bit less pressure, that while we still want this like crazy, right now with K being back at school and things going back to ‘schooltermnormal’ there’s plenty of other things happening to keep us (and our minds) occupied.

Of course I’m sure the next tww will still be horrid.

We went to a bbq at K’s boss’s place tonight which was out in the country – very nice and relaxing. I was asked by a few people about baby stuff, and her boss made a comment to me about whether K should be drinking or not, which was a little awkward because I didn’t know what she was telling them – or not telling them as the case may be – and we were too far apart to get any signals across so I just went with the vague answers and the good ol’ smile and nod routine lol

I also almost got in an argument with one of the other teachers there about people ‘choosing’ to be gay or transgendered. We’d all been talking about transgender people for a little while, which then moved to sexuality and I was getting so pissed off with what she was saying. Then she basically spouted nonsense about how people spend x amount of years being straight and sleeping with the opposite sex so how can they suddenly choose to be gay. This woman comes from a very religious background and I know K has had many arguments with her over this sort of thing, which is basically like hitting your head against a brick wall. It was actually amusing because I’m not usually one for conflict, especially in settings like that with K’s colleagues, so I was kind of proud of myself. Anyway she backed off (in shock I think) which was a shame cause I was just getting started too lol.

And in other news, I’ve signed up to do a course by correspondence in small business management. I got all the guff in the mail today so I’m very excited and a little bit apprehensive about studying again as it’s been many years and I never finished that time.

My goal with this is to finish it within 15 months so that the government gives me my money back (it is a heavily subsidised). I would also like to get A’s in this course in an attempt to prove something to myself and resolve some issues I have about my unfinished uni days. Although I stand by my reasons not to finish my degree, and believe it was the best decision at the time, I do admit that I found it far too easy to slack off and still scrape through, something which I vow not to do with this course.

I’ve written this here to remind myself, and so that I will know in the back of mind that there is to be some accountability as a result of my putting this in a public forum. Plus, K will no doubt read this and remind me by giving me a kick if I slack off 🙂

This weekend, K’s parents are coming to stay, and we may be going to the Big Gay Out on Sunday which is a sort of fair day for the GLBT community. We have tried to make it to this just about every year for the past 5 or so years but it’s really bad timing at the end of the first week back at school when K has a lot of planning etc to do. So we shall see.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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3 Responses to This and that

  1. mrsbluemont says:

    wow! you have a lot going on. i can not stand people that start spouting nonsense about gender and sexuality with such ignorance in an inappropriate situation. you just want to scream at them and can’t. sounds like you handled it well. good luck on the small biz course. i hope cycle 2 brings much joy and less stress. xox

  2. JoulyBean says:

    wow! I never considered myself straight or slept with a man! Hmm how did I get to the point where I could then choose to be gay??

    What kind of warped logic does that woman have?

    I think she needs to meet some gay people who have been fortunate to have supportive families and never had to hide who they are- I think it would blow her mind that some of us really are that *gasp* normal!

    (of course I know that a lot of people need time to explore their sexuality/ gender identity)

    Sorry you had to deal with that crap. Must’ve sucked.

  3. NotesFrom2Moms says:

    Good Luck with the tww – amazingly it does get easier – well not really easier but knowing what to expect makes it a bit more manageable. Good Luck this month.

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