Day after first IUI

Well! It was a bit strange waking up this morning thinking that technically this could be my first day of pregnancy! That is unless you count the first two weeks since your period which is just weird, why do they do that? Anyway … the whole experience itself was quite erratic in a way. I was quite nervous/apprehensive before we went but the nurse was really nice. I actually got quite excited once we got in the room. During the process she talked alot – it is really hard to hold a conversation with people when they are trying to find your cervix! That part was NOT fun – I hate speculums at the best of time, but speculums with no lube – thats just wrong. The sperm looked like water – in fact I’m not convinced it wasn’t. Perhaps its just a ruse to get more money out of us! At the point of insemination I felt a real warmth come over me. I don’t know what it was wether it was the procedure, the relief, an actual indication it was going to work or god calming me as I had asked or all of those things. Whatever it was it totally relaxed me and from that point I felt very peaceful and happy. Then she said goodbye – I’m like goodbye?? Don’t I have to lay here with my legs in the air or something?!?! Nope thats it … Well! Off home again and I don’t care what anyone says I lay on the couch for a good hour with pillow under butt and legs up! I also for the last few days – have been holding onto a peice of rose quartz which is supposed to help with fertility. I’m taking every peice of help I can get!
So the rest of the day was quiet – with frequent belly kisses from wife and instructions to the sperm to “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” – as per Dory from Finding Nemo. So our ‘maybe baby’ as wife calls it, is hopefully intact and heading where it should be. BD seems excited also, though slightly grossed out at the thought of his sperm inside a woman – hey not exactly the top of my list of things to put in my body but …. u do what u gotta do! And I hope its doing what it should be! All the while trying not to get excited and be realistic. Its hard to think of anything else but I’m going to try otherwise I may go mad.

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