We’re having a few frustrating times with the clinic we’re using, mainly administrative details but it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

First the nurse/receptionist/lady-we-speak-to-on-the-phone has repeatedly referred to me as he (not in a homophobic way I don’t think, just that my name is not common and I think she reverts back to the ‘norm’, however the file details surely say clearly that we are both female).

Then, when K rang up on day 1 as advised, they told her that they didn’t have my blood test results yet, which were done over a month ago. They were also marked urgent and I was assured by the lab that they would courier the results the same day.

She was also told that they would call back with the details of what happens next, i.e when she has to start going in for her tests to check for ovulation. Well, they haven’t called yet but yesterday we got in the mail a copy of a medical history form, a blood test form, and an invoice.

The form she had already completed on our first visit when we saw the O&G, and this was checked by him at the time. So we’re not sure if she has to fill out another one because that was over 6 months ago, and if so, does that mean we have to see the dr again (we were told we wouldn’t see him again unless there were fertility issues).

The blood test form came with no instructions whatsoever as to when she is to start having them etc.

The invoice is for the insemination itself, but is higher than the amount on the price list we received. (this price has already gone up once in the 8 months we’ve been dealing with them). I’m pretty sure this was a mistake though as the price on the invoice is included in the price list but under a slightly different procedure than we’re doing.

So K rang up yesterday to check on these things and was told someone would call her back after their tea break, but no call came. After work yesterday, I picked her up and we rushed into the clinic to try to talk to them face to face, but got their about 2 minutes after they locked up so that was a wasted trip.

I’m sure it will all work out fine, and the people that count that we have dealt with have been great imo, but it’s more than a bit frustrating at this point when we are getting all excited and keen to know everything.

Kind of ironic too that they keep stressing to us that K has to be as calm, relaxed and stress free as possible lol.


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30-something kiwi-lesbian-stay at home-Mama, raising our toddler son with my wife, two cats and one dog.
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One Response to frustrated

  1. LKC says:

    I understand the frustration. Hopefully it will all get sorted out before the IUI. Good luck and I’ll be following along!

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