Bout time I wrote something

Well …. Thought I should actually contribute something here before the baby hatches, we all know there will be no time after that!
It is somewhat of a strange concept to think that in ten days or so I could be pregnant! After all the thinking to the point of over-thinking, the tests, the saving, the talking … its finally time. After such a build up you could be forgiven for expecting fireworks and celebrations galore at the point of insemination. I am trying to prepare myself for the clinical nature of the insemination and not expect more than what at best is a smear test with additives. Also trying very hard to not focus on the additives; as much as I love BD I’m not fond of his additives – icky! (one of the many reasons I am with a woman!).
I know that our lives are about to change forever and while that scares me somewhat I know its what is meant to happen. Because of that I have every inclination that this will happen for us, and I hope every thing cooperates and it happens sooner rather than later. Then again I know it will happen WHEN its meant to, I just hope that’s soon :).
I’m trying to relax but it is proving difficult when I have so much to prepare for the new year of teaching, due to start 4th February. I also have managed to decided the house is due for top to bottom cleaning and re-arranging (I thought these manic thoughts didn’t kick in until the second trimester?), so have spent much of yesterday reorganising our lounge and cleaning, only to be continued this morning with lawn mowing and to be followed with more cleaning and rearranging this afternoon.
Diet is an issue for me at the moment, and a bit of a stress. As a large girl I have been off and on different programmes trying to reduce my BMI etc. Have had some limited success this time around but not as much as I wanted, and due to back injury and work and pure lack of organisation and time I have regained much of it.
My whole family are large – mother and two sisters conceived easily, in fact one sister is pregnant with number 5 who was conceived with an IUD in place! I’m pretty active through my job as a PE teacher, and while I’m not exactly a fitness finatic I think I would run rings around most people my size and many people smaller than me. Do I think I would be better off at a smaller weight? Of course – and one day soon I hope to be there. What I don’t think is wise is trying to diet while trying to conceive or waiting to get smaller while my age ticks on. I’m worried if we have to see the clinic doctor again I will have to sit through another lecture that I don’t need (I do own a mirror and scales). So in the mean time I’m trying to eat as healthy as possible, including going dairy free and gluten free, which is a mission in itself – and try and get my exercise level up. All the while trying not to stress and to relax ….. he he he.

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